The Aardvarks Are Aligned!!

Key 13 wins the Fedivision Song Contest 2024!

Misaligned Aaardvarks album cover - a stylised aardvark vector graphic repeated over and over at different angles

Somehow Key 13's entry Misaligned Aardvarks, representing The Island Of Nothing, has come first in the 2024 Fedivision Song Contest!

I have no idea how this could have happened, and I assume they'll correct the mistake at some point! Until then, I will remain unsufferably happy, you have been warned! There were so, so many good entries this year - if you get the chance to check out some of the other artists please do - you can find some of them on this playlist. My heartfelt thanks to the organisers who put tons of effort into this contest behind the scenes, and of course to all 50 fedizens who voted NOTH!

The track, and fictional country, takes inspiration from the 1970s Italian progresssive rock masters, but adds a harrowing tale of loss and redemption, set in the vast plains of the African Savannah. You'll find oblivious elephants, Latin chants, Moog synthesizers, mandolins (why?!) and much, much more!

Misaligned Aardvarks has now been released to stream and download, along with a newly remixed version of Primavera, a cheesy butchering of a Vivaldi classic. Exclusively on Mirlo, you can also find a 2024 anniversary remaster of Key 13's sixth-placed 2023 Fedivision entry Solarpunk Grazers. Get it here:

Please feel free to put zero in the payment boxes. If you have money to spend, I'd rather you gave directly to the Mirlo Kickstarter or the Radio Free Fedi Infrastructure fund, as all proceeds will be donated there anyway, and it'll save on processing fees to donate directly.

Sea · Sky · Clouds

a new release featuring four tracks from Key 13's more chilled-out side

These archive tracks from 2021-23 are newly remixed and remastered for this compilation. They feature chilled-out influences including world music, folk, IDM, post-rock and jazz, all fused with Key 13's organic, layered sound.

The release is accompanied by a four-page booklet.

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